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About Us

Venture Physical Therapy/ Marietta, began treating patients in February of 1992. Paul Mattson, owner/director of the Marietta clinic, has been working with various high schools, sports teams, and dance studios since opening the clinic. Some of the best doctors in the Atlanta/Marietta area, covering various specialties, have been referring patients to him and his wife Alyssa who is also a Physical Therapist at the Marietta clinic. Paul has worked the Olympic trials, Indoor Track and Field Championships, multiple Peachtree Road Races, and the 1996 Olympics as a Physical Therapist and an Athletic Trainer.

Venture Physical Therapy / West Cobb opened up during the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. Darin Durell joined the West Cobb clinic as a staff physical therapist in 2000 and became director of the clinic in 2005.

We specialize in various orthopedic and sports injuries, pre- and post- surgical rehabilitation, and balance / gait disorders. We strive to combine our decades of experience with our caring attitude to make your therapy, throughout your course of treatment, as positive and effective as possible. We utilize hands on therapy, therapeutic exercise, pain relieving modalities, and education to help you get rid of your pain and get back to life and activity as soon as possible.