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"I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Venture Physical Therapy & Hand Therapy. I've been there several times over the years, and they have always been successful in getting whatever issue I had at the time resolved. I've been to other PT locations, but they don't even come close to doing the job Venture does. The staff is wonderful and the facility is always very clean."
Apr 25, 2023
"They are fantastic!! Darin & Jason go out of their way to find exactly what treatments work best for you. They are very professional, knowledgeable, and very dedicated to providing the best care possible. Most definitely will return if PT is needed! Lisa is also extremely helpful and super! They are an incredible team!"
Mar 22, 2023
"They’re professional, really nice to talk to, awesome at knowing and listening to your situation. The hour goes by quickly because they’re just wonderful people… from Lisa, Jason, and Darin. The only problem I can say is Darin won’t put a TV in the gym (lots and lots of laughs) I’m just kidding, you feel like they’re friends once you leave."
Feb 03, 2023

“Darin allowed me to push myself on my recovery from a total knee replacement. He designed a therapy program that I could do from home and worked on other treatments when I came into the clinic. This program allowed me to return to work sooner and build strength faster. Tammy would work with me on my stretches and exercises and helped me regain a lot of my motion. They are a great team and they make you want to do your best because they believe in you as a person not just another appointment. Lisa would always work out the scheduling if I needed an extra day or longer time. This is a great place for therapy, not just rehab. They build your spirit and self confidence, not just your injured body. Thanks.”

Vernon K.

“I unfortunately have had much experience with therapists over the years, and Darin at Venture was by far the best. He not only knew what he was doing, he took time to listen to me and actually heard my issues and addressed them. I honestly have not felt this good in years. I have and will recommend Venture Physical Therapy / West Cobb highly to anyone in need of such services. Not only did he achieve the results of getting me pain-free, he and the staff were friendly, prompt, and attentive. Much better than any of the other clinics I had the misfortune of trying in years past.”

Steve L

“Was injured at work. Forklift ran over my foot and fractured it in three different places. The staff at Venture Physical Therapy and Darin (Richard Darin Durell), the physical therapist, helped me to get my foot and ankle moving and strong again. I now walk without a cane and am back to all my old activities. I’m even back to tennis. I’m very thankful to have found Venture and Darin. I would recommend, and do recommend, Venture Physical Therapy near the Lost Mountain Store to anyone needing Physical Therapy.”

Dennis M.

“It was a very lucky day for me when you came to help me… with a great many more lucky days to follow as you and Judy and Lisa and all your staff came together to become my recovery support team. To have such great people encouraging and facilitating my ‘baby-steps’ over these past months has been just invaluable, and I want you all to know how much your unfailing positive presence has meant. The vital elements of cheerfulness and real caring commitment have made my physical therapy appointments a part of life to look forward to, rather than to dread.

So thank you all so very much, and special appreciation to you particularly for creating an atmosphere of such faithful and fun healing support for all of us.”

Betsy W.

“I looked for the right card for you, but I realized there wasn’t one to describe your true dedication and “heart felt” desire to your patients. I truly appreciate everything you did to assist me throughout my knee injury. Thank you is only a small token of how you made me feel during this recovery.

I only wish I could do more to show how much I greatly appreciated your time and effort. You will be the first person I invite to my basketball game (church team) in the near future. Yes, you helped me regain my confidence to return to the BB court. I wish you well.”

Kim C

“Just wanted you to know that all your ‘help’ is appreciated. I am a true believer of therapy and know I wouldn’t be where I am now without you. The fact that you and the staff at Venture make it ‘fun’ – most of the time! – is an added bonus. Thanks…

Geri L.

“Thank You So Much !!!!!!! Thank you for helping me with my knee. I really liked working with you. You definitely helped with my recovery. I’m exercising daily. I can run in three months. YA!!!!”

Spencer W. (age 13)